JOSM plugin snapshot update site

Here is how you can install the current development version (not yet released, expect issues) of the wikipedia and the pt_assistant JOSM plugins:

  1. Open any JOSM instance in which you want to try out these development versions.
  2. Go to the preferences (e.g. hit F12).
  3. Make sure the checkbox Expert mode in the bottom left corner of the preferences dialog is checked.
  4. Go to the Plugins tab. Click on Configure… in the bottom right corner. You should now see something like this
  5. Then click on Add in the new dialog and enter the URL and confirm with OK.
  6. Now when you click Download list, you have two new plugins in the plugin list: wikipedia-dev and pt_assistant-dev. You can install these and they are updated like the “normal” JOSM plugins too.

Note: Please make sure that you don’t have both the dev and the non-dev version (e.g. wikipedia and wikipedia-dev) installed at the same time! This would probably lead to conflicts.

Another note: The pt_assistant-dev plugin will always be redownloaded whenever you check for plugin updates. The wikipedia-dev plugin is only redownloaded when there is actually a new version available on the master branch.